Monday, October 29, 2007

Put Your Foot Down!!!

Nope, not discussing stands on issues. I am discussing sewing machines. You see my sister started teaching a class on some Monday nights for some of our friends (including myself) who wanted to learn how to sew. Several of us own machines, but have not taken the time to learn to use them. My sister, Anna, is a very talented seamstress. In fact she made my wedding dress. The only sewing experience I have is a hemmed lab coat (that Anna mostly completed) and an apron that i made over the course of 5 days last week. So, I get a phone call this morning that goes something like this:

Anna: I'm sick, I don't think I can sew tonight.
Me: That's OK, we'll just cancel.
Anna: Oh, but everyone was looking foward to it. I think you could teach. We are making aprons.
Me: Are you sure I can teach?
Anna: Oh, you'll be fine.
Me: But I have only made one thing.... ever
Anna: But they will be so disappointed, I hate to cancel.
Me: Okay, I'll let everyone know.

So... I agreed to it.... I was actually impressed that our night went as well as it did. We only had a few major tangles and luckily Mary Jo came to help after Rachel (one of my friends) summoned her. The main problem that we had is written in the title of this post. Why is it so hard to remember to put the foot down on the sewing machine?!

Jenny celebrating a successful seam.

Dana, Dana, Rachel and Lindsay all lined up.


Jeanne said...

Well, you know how happy this makes me! :) I just love it that you are sewing...and TEACHING a class to boot! I'm impressed! Keep up the good work. I love you!

Lindsay said...

I had such a great time and you did a fabulous job teaching. I just can't forget to put my foot down!