Friday, June 12, 2009

What I've been cooking up the last year

It has been almost a year since my last post, but i have been busy! Georgia Grace White was born on April 10, 2009 weighing 7 lb, 13 oz and 20 inches long. She is by far the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Life will never be the same and i am so glad! *These pictures (including the header) were taken by Melissa DeVries taken when G was 7 weeks old. Thanks, Melissa!


Jeanne said...

Thank you!!!! I'm so glad you have FINALLY posted again to your blog. And...Oh.My.Goodness...Is she not the most gorgeous little thing you've ever seen?! Yes, of course, she is!!!

My favorite of all time (so far) picture of her is the one in the blue dress, big bow and pouchy lips...her little pouty look!!! CUTE!

Melissa did a great job on the photos, but you and David...and God...did an absolutely awesome job creating the subject for those photos.

I love you! And I love that little Georgia Grace to pieces!!!

Melanie said...

OH MY! She's a teeny tiny bit cute!! Yes, you've been a little busy this year :) Can't wait to see her again!